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How acceledent works

AcceleDent is a comfortable, lightweight, hands-free device that is held between your teeth for 20 minutes every day during the course of your orthodontic treatment. Through microvibrations that stimulate bone remodeling, AcceleDent complements the controlled force employed by fixed orthodontics such as braces to bring your teeth into proper alignment. Clinical trials indicate that the use of AcceleDent can increase tooth movement between 38 and 50 percent, which may contribute to a reduction in the time necessary for treatment.

Using Acceledent

AcceleDent is easy to use and clean. Simply press the removable mouthpiece into the activator, bite down just firmly enough to hold the device in place, and turn on AcceleDent. You can enjoy activities such as reading, listening to music, watching TV or playing video games during the 20 minutes each day required for AcceleDent to function effectively.

Acceledent Benefits

Numerous studies have demonstrated that microvibrations are effective in safely speeding bone movement. When used as directed in conjunction with orthodontic treatment, AcceleDent offers benefits including:

  • Faster tooth movement without adversely affecting aesthetics
  • Compatibility with both teen and adult patients
  • Potential to reduce your orthodontic treatment time

In addition to these benefits and its ease of use, AcceleDent patients have not reported additional discomfort from using AcceleDent as part of their orthodontic treatment.

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